U-Paint is a fun way to express your artistic talent!

U-Paint Metal Craft Kits are Paintable,  Stainable, Rustable, Applique with Glitter, Sequins, Feathers, Glass, Flocking, Beading, …and so much more!

Make something beautiful for your home or as a gift for a special someone.

  300+ Designs to Choose From!

Unique, custom designs include something for everyone!

Angels, Animals, Architectural Motifs, Bugs, Metal Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables, Holiday-themed, Leaves, Religious, Rosettes, Sports, Tropical, Travel, and more!

  Upgrade Your Home Decor

Spice up existing fixtures and accessories in and outside your home.

  • Lawn & Garden Ornaments
  • Refrigerator Magnets
  • Wall Art
  • Photo Frame Decoration
  • Candle
  • Napkin Holders
  • Furniture
  • Accents
  • Clothing Accessories

What is U-PAINT Crafts?

U-PAINT Metal Craft Kits are a fun way to express your artistic talent and make something beautiful for your home or for someone dear to you.

U-PAINT produces steel ornaments you can:

  • Paint           Stain            Epoxy             Gild
  • Antique       Rust             Verdigris        Gold Leaf
  • Spatter        Patina          Enamel          Air Brush
  • Appliqué:    Glitter          Sequins          Feathers                           Glass            Flocking         Beading                            …and more!
Consist of 65+ multiple piece Metal Craft kits and 250+ metal motifs and metal trimming sold singly.
U-PAINT Metal Crafts are designed for DIY crafters, artists, group activities, and craft supply retailers.
The design and manufacture of all U-PAINT Metal Craft products is done at our New England Factory since 1929.

  Holiday Decorations

An original, artistic way to create and add-on to a variety of festive decorations.

  • Christmas Tree Ornaments
  • Wreaths
  • Greeting Card Art
  • Basket & Box Ornaments
  • Napkin Holders
  • Table Centerpiece

Where do I use my finished item?

U-Paint Metal Craft Kits have Dozens of Uses!

  • Christmas Tree Ornaments
  • Greeting Card Art
  • Door & Gate Ornamentation
  • Diary & Photo Album Cover Art
  • Window Box Ornaments
  • Bar Decor
  • Scarf, Hat, Belt, and Coat Pins
  • Jewelry, Pins, Brooches, & Badges
  • Scrapbooking Accents
  • Table Centerpiece Decoration
  • Handbag Ornament
  • Mirror Frame Decor
  • Theater Props & Set Decor
  • and ANYWHERE your imagination can take you!
  • Refrigerator Magnets
  • Mount onto Tile, Wood, Glass
  • Furniture Accents
  • Mailbox Ornament
  • Wind Chimes
  • Birdhouse Ornament
  • Napkin Holders
  • Metal Sculptures
  • Garden Sculptures
  • Doll House Ornament
  • Book Bag Accent
  • Menu & Place Card Decor
  • Artistic Signage
  • Wall Art
  • Lawn & Garden Ornaments
  • Box & Basket Ornaments
  • Drawer & Cabinet Accents
  • Hanging Window Ornament
  • Fireplace Screen Decoration
  • Flower Pot Decoration
  • Candle Holders
  • Holiday Wreath Crafting
  • Curtain Tie Backs
  • Photo & Art Frame Decoration
  • Personal Laptop Ornament
  • Log Holder Decoration
  • Antique Restoration
  • Gift Giving for ANY Occasion!

U-Paint Metal Craft Kits

are perfect for Group Activities:

  • U-Paint Craft Parties
  • Charity Fundraising Events
  • Retirement Center Activities
  • Veterans’ Homes Activities
  • Craft Clubs
  • Senior Center Activities
  • School Projects
  • Boy & Girl Scout Projects
  • Hobbyists & Model Makers
  • Rehabilitation Center Activities
  • Handicapped Workshops

(for volume sales to Non-Profit Groups – Contact Us)

Made in the USA

How to Use U-Paint

1) Clean: Clean the metal surface with a strong detergent.

2) Prime coat: Spray or brush on a matte finish clear acrylic or color primer.  Allow to dry.

3) Paint or Epoxy: You are now ready to paint using a wide selection of acrylic or oil based paints and a rainbow of colors available from almost any paint or hobby store.

Important: Read and follow all caution labels on materials you use in the cleaning, staining, or painting process.

How to Create a Finished Product

U-PAINT products are made from cold rolled steel.  The metal is 100% LEAD FREE.

Double-Sided Foam Tape – Tough two-sided foam tape is simple to use and holds pieces together remarkably well.

Glue Adhesives – Glues that bond quickly such as “Super Glue”, “Liquid Nails”, “Gorilla Glue”, or “E6000” are excellent for U-Paint constructions.

Soldering or Spot Welding – if you have the equipment.  Especially needed if creating a large metal sculpture.