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Lady of Guadalupe Candle Sconce

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Here another beautiful craft creation by artist/designer/blogger Lisa Marie Jimenez using our Lady of Guadalupe U-Paint Metal Craft design. Get your U-Paint Metal Craft design here: U-Paint Metal Crafts Lady of Guadalupe Lady of Guadalupe Candle Sconce1. Clean the metal Guadalupe by wiping it with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol. Allow to dry.  Spray the front of the metal stamping with primer and allow to dry according to manufactures instructions. 2. Mix Colorique Honey Bee and Pink Ice to achieve a coral color on the craft mat. Paint the dress of Guadalupe with the coral. Dry with heat tool*. Continue…

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Spring in full swing!

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Spring has sprung! See what crafter and artist Lisa Marie Jimenez created using U-Paint Metal Craft Butterfly UP-219. Get your U-Paint Metal Craft Butterfly here:  https://upaintcrafts.com/product/butterfly/ 1. Clean the metal butterfly with rubbing alcohol and allow to completely dry. Paint the outer parts of the upper wing with Colorique Wisteria. Dry with heat tool*. 2. Next paint the inner section of the top wing on the butterfly with Colorique Pink Ice and then set with heat tool*. Add Avocado and Honey Bee to the wing, using the photo as a placement guide. Set with heat tool*. Use a clean paint…

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Video – U-Paint Metal Craft manufacturing process

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How do we make our U-Paint Metal Craft designs?  Click on the link to see the video on YouTube Video link: (coming soon!) You can also follow along here to see step-by-step how it is done. The stamping press = this is the machinery we use to generate the power / pressure needed to strike the metal and emboss the decorative pattern into the steel (also brass, copper, or aluminum).   The Die Set is installed inside the stamping press.  The Die Set is what creates the specific U-Paint Metal Craft design needed.  Each item has its own Die Set,…

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How are U-Paint Metal Craft designs made?

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How do you get such magnificent detail in the U-Paint Metal Craft motif designs?  This is a question often asked us. It’s a careful step-by-step process: We start with a series of drawings – see below hand drawn sketches of Wolves, a Peacock, Angels, and Bears.          A model is made in modelling clay and after any changes, a hard plastic model is made.  Here the Elk and Mother Bear with Cub:      From this model, female and male graphite electrodes are made.  Here the Peacock electrodes:   The Electrodes are “burned” into blocks of tool…

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Beautiful Parrot Pin Made Using MARVY® Paint Pens

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Karen M. from Rhode Island shares with us her second costume jewelry project using the U-Paint Metal Craft Parrots.   How easy it was to create a custom pin design using U-Paint Metal Crafts Parrots and MARVY® ‘Le Plume’ permanent alcohol based pens to color this decorative motifs!  NO primer coat is needed.  Clean off the U-Paint Metal Parrots motif.    I started coloring immediately with the MARVY® paint pens.  I used ten colors for a brilliant finish.       Using a super-glue like E6000® to bond a pin back to the piece, I was wearing the colorful brooch ten…

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Butterfly Brooch Costume Jewelry

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Making a pin or brooch from my finished painted butterfly piece. Karen M. from Rhode Island shares with us how she created this colorful fashion brooch. For less than $3.00 I purchased a whole package of “pin backs” from my local craft store.   Super-glued the pin backs to the back of my painted U-Paint Butterfly from U-Paint Metal Crafts. Wearing my new Butterfly Brooch Costume Jewelry creation an hour later!    This costume jewelry craft is something I can also pin on a jacket, scarf, hat, or handbag, whatever I fancy!

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Deco-Trim DIY Crown painted silver

Handmade Crowns using Deco-Trim

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Danielle S. from Maryland kindly shared her DIY project of Handmade Crowns.  She crafted these for a local Renaissance Festival in her area.  Using a combination of Deco-Trim and U-Paint Tudor roses, she has crafted some truly regal crowns.   For other crowns, Danielle hand painted U-Paint Tudor Roses (craft kit UP-372) in a vibrant red and a bold blue. Danielle was also kind enough to share some tips on “How To” work with both the Deco-Trim and the various U-Paint kits.  We hope these tips prove useful to all you DIY Crafters and Makers out there! “Some tips I’ve found…

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Butterfly Painted

Painted Butterfly and Wheelbarrow Refigerator Magnets

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Beth B. from Massachusetts sent us photos of her recent butterfly and wheelbarrow project and kindly included some step-by-step instructions.  She included a photo of her finished creations as refrigerator magnets which she plans to give away this year as holiday gifts to both friends and family. Step 1 – Cleaning the butterfly. Clean the pieces with any dish soap and rinse thoroughly to remove any oil residue.  Allow to dry completely. Step 2 – Prime the metal Sitting on her ventilated back porch, here Beth can be seen completely covering the front side of the butterfly with a metal primer.  Make sure…

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U-Paint Art

How To Get Started with U-Paint Metal Craft Kits!

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INTRODUCTION U-Paint Metal Craft Kits are the perfect way to be creative and add your personal flair to any number of craft projects.  Personalized gifts are the perfect way to show that you have dedicated your time and efforts to create a unique, expressive gift for someone dear to you. With over 300 different kits to choose from, here are many colorful examples of objects created by talented U-Painters like you.  Their potential applications are endless!   Use as refrigerator magnets, window ornaments, seasonal & holiday ornaments, greeting card art, basket / box /scrapbook add-ons, picture frame accents – the best part is you…

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