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Bighorn Sheep: On the Way to the Blue by Michele Emerson-Roberts

Looking for a spot for a picnic while driving on Red Hill Road near Alpine, AZ, my photographer friend Gay Lynn Sullivan was delighted to capture on film several Bighorn Sheep. The opportunity to not only see them but be able to photograph them is a life time wish come true. When I viewed the framed photo that she was giving as a Father’s Day gift, I knew the U-Paint® Metal Crafts Bighorn Sheep that I had just finished painting would be the perfect addition!



1.  Wash the Bighorn Sheep with hot soapy water.
2.  Dry thoroughly with a soft towel or cloth.
3.  Seal the front and back of the Bighorn Sheep with the DecoArt® Multi-Purpose Sealer™.  Allow the sealer to dry.
4.  Create a lighter shade of tan by mixing Light Buttermilk with True Ocher (it does not have to be a solid color). Base coat the Bighorn Sheep.  Allow the paint to dry.
5. Refer to close up photo for placement. Load the corner of your flat brush with Dark Chocolate and apply shading where indicated. (Remember shading goes behind or underneath.) Allow paint to dry.
6. Wash brush.
7.  Add highlights with Light Buttermilk where indicated in the close up photo.
8. Paint the eye with Lamp Black using the small round brush. Allow the paint to dry.

9. Wash the brush.
10. Add a tiny dot highlight to the eye with Light Buttermilk.
11. Attach the painted Bighorn Sheep to the bottom left corner of the frame with Beacon® Adhesive.

About Michele Emerson-Roberts…

Michele, is a huge advocate for designers in the industry and she is one of the founders of the AFCI (formally HIA/CHA) DESIGNER section.  Michele has also served on the Designer Section Council, Council Chair, Council Secretary, Directory Committee, Liaison to CHA Board, Liaison to the Membership Committee, Designer Showcase Lead, and Champion of Designers! Her dedication has paved the way for  designers to be recognized in this industry.

Michele, a Certified Professional Demonstrator, was one of the first to obtain the Certified Craft Designer award, and the only person in the industry to hold 3 separate Certified Professional Teacher awards, has been an active voice in the industry and continues to champion the Designers’ role in the creative industry. Michele, whose designs can be found in many books and magazines, is an award winning oil, acrylic and water color artist, and multi-faceted designer with a love of painting, paper/book arts, beading and polymer clay. Her long history in the industry has allowed her to experiment with and become proficient at most of the art and craft genres. Her love of painting and paper has led her into creating Mixed Media, handmade paper, paper casting, and collage , with many of her designs influenced by her Native American heritage.

Michele splits her time between her two residences and studios, one at the base of the Huachuca Mountains in Southeastern Arizona, the other in the White Mountains in Northern Arizona.



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